“City centre Wetherspoon pub facing licence review after stolen handbag complaint”

This will be an interesting licence review application to watch. This is how the Manchester Evening News reported it on 14th January 2019:

“A city centre Wetherspoon pub is to have its licence reviewed after one complaint about a stolen handbag. The Waterhouse is set to undergo a review next month after a member of the public lodged a complaint with Manchester City Council following the theft. The review has been requested on the grounds of an alleged lack of crime prevention measures at the venue.”

You can see the application listed here on the Manchester Council website, but the essence of it is this:

screenshot 2019-01-24 14.52.05

It appears that the representation period is due to end at midnight on 1st February, which means the hearing itself is likely to be towards the end of that month.


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