typical problems

The most common issues that residents and local businesses experience with nearby licensed premises are noise nuisance, crime and disorder. Alcohol and drug misuse often lie very obviously in the background. These problems can be persistent and invade your night time and your leisure time. Sometimes they affect residents’ health and quality of life.

But you don’t have to put up with it – you have the right to ask the local authority to formally review the licence and how it is being operated. Everyone in charge of licensed premises must run them in a way that promotes what the law calls the ‘licensing objectives’. These objectives are the prevention of crime and disorder, the prevention of public nuisance, the protection of children from harm and making sure the public are safe. If they cannot run their businesses responsibly, then the licensing department of your local council has a duty to put things right.

The Licence Review Handbook is your One Stop Shop to the licence review procedure. It shows you step by step how to apply for a licence review, how to gather your best evidence and how to present the strongest case.

The Licence Review Handbook: A Practical How-To-Guide for Residents and Objectors.