What people say about the Licence Review Handbook

I am so pleased to be able to publish two reviews of advance copies of the Licence Review Handbook:

This is a manual for residents and objectors and if your organisation has been involved in the past, you will appreciate that residents are somewhat at a disadvantage when faced with the professionals and their clients. This book will even up the playing field. Does what it says on the tin.” (Secretary, National Organisation of Residents’ Associations, www.nora-uk.co.uk, January 2019)

Really helpful – sets out what to do, how to do it and how to maximise your chances of success. I wish we’d had your book a few years ago when we were fighting to close three local nightclubs – it would have been very helpful!” (Mr DL, from a residents’ association in Essex, January 2019)

Very glad that the Handbook is turning out to be exactly what I intended: a practical hands-on guide.

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